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Participant Experience


Ranked among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are some comments from recent attendees:

“This course is the best I have ever attended anywhere in terms of true benefit to my practice and true benefit to me personally.”

“I am a psychiatrist and see patients with many medical comorbidities. I now feel more comfortable talking to my patients about their medical conditions and medications and potential treatment side effects.”

“Every day I found something new to incorporate into my practice.”

“As an ophthalmologist, I will be more up to date regarding systemic disease and treatment options.”

“As a surgeon it is very helpful for better preoperative assessment and better postoperative management. I would strongly recommend this course to colleagues.”

“I have more knowledge and feel more confident with my approach to shoulder and back pain, lipid management and anemia, as well as other health problems I see within my OB/GYN practice.”

“I am working as a hospitalist; a lot of the topics are extremely relevant and almost every lecture will impact my current practice.”

“It is difficult to summarize how my practice has changed when the breadth of the material is so great, but this course was exactly what I needed.”

“As an ED physician, I feel more comfortable in initiating treatment for those patients without a PCP regarding HTN and initial DM management.”

“As an anesthesiologist, I can take what I learned from this course and apply it when assessing [patients’] suitability for surgery.”

“While outside of my specialty, the update on the current cancer screening recommendations was really valuable.”

"Every area of the course has led to changes in my practice. Just a few examples: Dual therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C therapy, new therapies in diabetes."

"I have attended innumerable CME offerings. Very few faculties could be held on par with this one and no institution has so consistently presented faculty that hold complex audiences ... to the end."

"For sleep, pain, cognitive decline ... all disease states I see frequently, the course has given me additional tools to help patients."

"I (will) now … extend some of my workups to include new tests or added observances or questioning; and in some cases refer or seek outside consultation sooner."

"The opportunity to learn from and with multiple specialties at once was pivotal."

"I have made pain management changes, updated NSAID Rx use, applied new guidelines on screening tests, and now pay more attention to health promotion."

"I run an inpatient rehab unit. I gained a much better grasp on how to interpret the referring information."

"I’ve started prescribing metformin and statins … when indicated, if they are having trouble accessing a PCP. The course gave me the confidence to do so competently."

"This course has updated my screening and treatment of osteoporosis, targets for hypertension, approach to risk-based lipid management, and treatment of systolic HF."

"The faculty have devoted themselves to the development of both the substance of their subjects and the effective style of their presentations. The manner in which they dealt with questions was unusually on point and thorough."

"As a psychiatrist … I know I can be an advocate and influential person for my patients to get the standard of care from their primary care provider."

"Several of the speakers were the best in their field I have ever heard."

"The quality of the course encourages me to further renew my knowledge of Internal Medicine as it is essential to my own specialty."

"I can now do a more judicious assessment of a patient's medication regimen in conjunction with my prescribing behavior."

"I am a geriatric psychiatrist.… I found the guidelines for hyper/hypothyroid, Vitamin D, B12 deficiencies and anemia helpful and will incorporate these into my practice."

"In emergency medicine, we tend only to look at the acute complaint, but after attending this course, I take much more into consideration when examining my patients."

"This course has helped me better understand medication choices being implemented by primary care physicians and when I need to ask for medication changes based on what I need to prescribe."

"My updated knowledge of obstructive sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes has been incorporated into the surgical and non-surgical management of my orthopedic patients."

"The philosophy of health promotion and the balanced presentation of the evidence for interventions was particularly helpful."

"I remain impressed by the quality of all the speakers and their dedication to presenting current information on their topic and making it clinically relevant for me."

"After the course, I became the leader of the team of anesthesiologists at my hospital. The course content will be shared with my group to improve our clinical routines."

"As a result of this course, my approach to pain management has become more sophisticated."

"I just loved the whole course. It got me back in touch with my medical core skills."

"The first changes I have made to my practice are to the management of hypertension and asthma—and these are only a beginning."

"Many talks gave me not only new facts but also new conceptual frameworks through which to understand those facts."

"As a psychiatrist in an area lacking family practitioners, I can now better manage my patients with chronic conditions."

"Attending this course has enabled me to defer referral of many of my patients to specialists, especially for complaints of lower back pain, allergic reactions, shoulder problems, and headache."

"This harkens back to a time when medicine was truly an art!"

"The delivery of the speakers was exceptional: they were warm, entertaining, easy to understand, and excellent with questions."

"My practice is now up to date in the management of patients with diabetes."

"The DVT/PE action team concept presented in this course is strengthening our own facility's response to suspected acute PE."

"I am now more vigilant with respect to antibiotic use for URTI."

"This course has enabled me to anticipate possible complications in the treatment of patients and to take precautions to prevent them."

"My patients sometimes have questions for me about why particular procedures from other specialties, and now I can answer them with knowledge and confidence."

"I am a nephrologist, and this course has made me more competent to treat problems of internal medicine I encounter in my practice."

"I have instituted the newest ACC/AHA preoperative guidelines and the MICA preoperative screen in my practice."

"I feel much more confident now working in the multi-disciplinary clinic where I volunteer."

"Honestly, in at least 90% of the talks there were several points made or evidence shown that really hit home in explaining the subject matter in a unique way. Amazing course and exceptional faculty/speakers!"

"I have changed the number and kind of screening and monitoring tests that I order."

"I was very impressed with the commitment of the lecturers to evidence-based care and their backing this up with data and the most up-to-date studies to support the recommendations."

"This conference provided a nice background of information involving many topics that a pain practice does not deal with routinely. All of the speakers were exceptional in their ability to deliver a presentation...something not found at some conferences. I found every presentation to be interesting."

"How I approach back pain and the writing of narcotic prescriptions have both been revamped due to the education I received."

"This course has taught me to improve communication with colleagues when patients require multidisciplinary management."

"In my own teaching, I have been using the slides and information from this course."

"The presentations that focused on practical clinical scenarios that any physician might see in practice at home were quite effective."

"We have updated our EMR templates due to the important and very clinically useful information I gleaned at this course."

"This course has provided me with a working tool kit to better understand and address my patients’ problems."

"As a pathologist, this program enhanced my clinical skills when evaluating patients in our FNA clinic, and when evaluating pathology/cytology."

"Attending this course has improved and updated my management of hyperlipidemia, HTN, EENT, anemia, osteoporosis, and my approach to preoperative clearance."

"I now have a better approach to examinations of the shoulder and lower back, and updated my skills for the general neurological exam."

"Pivotal aspects of this course were the physician role models, their confidence, the evidence-based practice presented, and the faculty’s sense of humor."

"I don't think there was one lecture where I didn't learn something that I can use to improve my practice."

"I work in a free clinic with underserved patients without insurance or finances. The lifestyle interventions I learned in this course will be very valuable to my patients."

"I have overhauled my order sets for diagnosis of stroke and chest pain."

"When a patient has been on a particular medication long term, I now monitor for adverse effects—such as B12 deficiency with metformin use."

"I have incorporated many good suggestions regarding the implications of medications and medical problems I do not directly treat."

"I have a more systematic approach to assessing and treating headaches and anemia."

"As a radiologist, following this course, I have changed some of the ways I dictate reports or recommend tests."

"I am putting more emphasis on treating the obesity that results from psychiatric medication, and I perform better screening for cognitive decline."

"I have rethought some investigation and treatment strategies in diabetes, hypertension, lipid management and low back pain management, to name a few."

"As a psychiatrist, I am better prepared to answer more basic medical questions that my patients ask, concerning the nature of their new and ongoing medical conditions, and to communicate with my colleagues in a more informed manner."

"The exceptional aspects were the high quality of the presentations and the depth of knowledge of the presenters. The whole course is superb."

"The caliber of the speakers and the consistent quality of presented information were superb."

"All of the course was so well done. This is a sincerely GREAT course—I just want to sign up again!!"